Borgaruccio farm offers you nature!

Nature and care

2 nights in double room;
2 energy awakening breakfast;
rejuvenating massage 1 of 1 hour;
1 special dinner with personalized therapeutic foods;
REIKI treatment (the healing energy) and aromatherapy.

Price: € 150,00 per person

Nature, flowers and care

2 nights in double room;
2 energy awakening breakfast;
visit with naturopathic doctor and prescription bach flowers;
1 candle-light dinner;
vegetarian 1 dinner (flowers and colours) with seasonal wild flowers *

* Dinner menu flowers and colours:
appetizers made with fried flowers;
ravioli in salsa and flowers;
stuffed Zucchini Flowers;
Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with blue flowers;
Rainbow salad;
pancakes with cinnamon bavarois with chamomile flowers.

Stirring ... weekend of rediscovery

2 nights in double room;
2 breakfasts;
1 dinner + path.

Here is the daily schedule
awakening with relaxing body display;
recognition of spontaneous herbs and Naturopathy.
diagnostic entropy;
drama and bach flowers
Dinner at taste of the unconscious: feed on emotions and colors

Prezzo: € 198,00 per person (minimum 4 people).

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For information and reservations
mob.: +39.334.5272724
e-mail: info@podereborgaruccio.it


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