Here is where wine vineyard: Borgaruccio Farm products

A wine can be done in many ways, and anyone makes it according to his conscience. I make this wine simply, with my grape vines, cultivated according to the biodynamic method and transformed according to the natural vinification process. This wine is an expression of my land. This wine is vineyard!

Stefano Gonnelli

I want to say it clearly: I don't know anything about winemaking and winegrowing. I approached the world of wine with the eyes and the naivety of a child, and I became winegrower looking for myself.
If I think back to my beginnings at Podere Borgaruccio, among the many phrases that I've heard, one of those that impressed me the most was: "you must be proud to have produced this 'wine just from the vines' of such a quality".
I did not immediately understand the meaning if such a phrase but then I realized that: there are wines 'also' made from the vines but mainly created in the winery with the desired characteristics. What you need is a good wine-maker and a good dose of chemical engineering.

But I had and still have - a poetic and idealized vision of winemaking and I bought this land and these 50 years old vines to keep making the wine with the grapes of this vineyard.



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